Conférence : Cancer nanotechnology: Roadmap to clinical translation of nanotherapeutics

mardi 11 juin 2019 | Activités

Organisée en collaboration avec l’axe Cancer : biologie, pronostic et diagnostic

Invitée : Devika Chithrani, Ph. D.

Assistant Professor / Director
Nanoscience and Technology Development Laboratory
Department of Physics and Astronomy
Centre for Biomedical Research
Centre for Advanced Materials and Related Technologies
University of Victoria


11 juin 2019, 12 h


local 2999

Résumé | Recent developments in nanotechnology have provided new tools for cancer therapy and diagnosis. Among nanomaterials, gold nanoparticles (NPs) are being used as radiation dose enhancers and anticancer drug carriers. Our studies show that size, shape, and surface properties of NPs can play a major role in their interaction with tumor cells. We have developed a comprehensive research platform, which includes monolayer-cell, multilayer-cell (e.g., tissue-like) and in vivo animal models. It enables us to test the therapeutic efficacy of gold mediated sensitization. It is important to test NP formulations at all three above-mentioned levels to optimize their use in future clinical applications. We have shown for the first time that cancer drug loaded gold NPs can reach the nucleus of cancer cells and thus enhance the therapeutic effect dramatically. The nucleus of the cancer cells is the most desirable target in cancer therapy. In chemotherapy, smart delivery of highly toxic anticancer drugs through packaging using NPs will reduce the side effects and improve the quality and care of cancer patients. In radiation therapy, use of gold NPs as radiation dose enhancer is very promising due to enhanced localized dose within the cancer tissue.


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