Helen Vlachos, M. D., FRCPC

Axe Mère-enfant
Centre de recherche du CHUS

Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke

Professeure agrégée
Département de pédiatrie| Service de pneumopédiatrie
Faculté de médecine et des sciences de la santé
Université de Sherbrooke

Téléphone | 819 346-1110 poste 15565
Télécopieur | 819 564-5398

Courriel | Helen.Vlachos@USherbrooke.ca


Importance de la recherche

Dr. Vlachos has two main research interests. The first is regarding preschool pulmonary function testing. Until recently it was felt that children younger than five years could not perform reliable spirometries. Dr. Vlachos and her team, along with other research groups, helped establish that performing infant pulmonary function testing between 3 and 6 years is feasible and reliable. Since then, including their research data, the global lung task force for pulmonary functions in children has established normative data. Ongoing research in this field is looking into how to actually use spirometry in helping us manage preschool children. Cut-off values and reversibility to bronchodilator values need to be established for diagnosis of diseases such as asthma. She is currently working with other members of the service and the pediatrics department in helping us further understand how to use this tool in a clinical setting.

Dr. Vklachos’ other area of research interest relates to pediatric sleep medicine. 10 to 15% of the pediatric population snores, with 20% of these subjects having sleep-disordered breathing. Polysomnography is helpful in differentiating between SDB and simple snoring; however this test is expensive and not readily available. Dr. Vlachos is particularly interested in helping establish other screening or abbreviated tools other than full polysomnography to assess sleep disordered breathing. Investigator Helen Vlachos is currently finishing a project on the use of CO2 and oxymetry as a screening tool. Future perspectives include looking at subsets of polysomnography that can easily be performed in a home setting.


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  • Expertise in pediatric sleep apnea with experience in Interpretation of pediatric sleep studies
  • Expertise in pediatric pulmonary medicine with experience in interpretation of pediatric pulmonary functions
  • Undergraduate degree in General physiology (Honours)


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