Conférence : FDG PET and novel precision radiotracers for patients with breast cancer – Where is the clinical impact?

Thursday February 14, 2019 | Activités

Organisée en collaboration avec l’axe Imagerie médicale

Conférencier : Gary Ulaner, M.D., Ph. D., FACNM

Associate Member, Department of Radiology Molecular Imaging and Therapy Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


14 février 2019, à 12 h


local 2999

Résumé | PET/CT has made important contributions to the treatment of patients with breast cancer. The most important PET tracer to date has been FDG. This presentation will discuss the strengths and weaknesses of FDG PET/CT for the evaluation of the primary breast malignancy, local nodes, and distant metastases, concentrating on clinical impact and tumor histology.
The future of PET imaging may lie in precision targeted imaging. Novel PET radiotracers for ER and HER2 targeted imaging with be discussed, as well as their potential clinical applications.

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