Diabetes, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Complications

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Axe DOCCThis axis aims at developing multidisciplinary research on cardiometabolic health, diabetes, obesity, cardiac and vascular diseases; at transferring knowledge; and at making good use of this knowledge to promote the quality of life of Quebec residents.

This axis aims at consolidating strengths with an objective of achieving excellence in its translational research work and its patient-centered approaches.

Its themes focus on understanding the underlying mechanisms of diabetes and obesity as well as how they impact the incidence of cardiovascular diseases and neurodegenerative diseases affecting cognition.

The approach is multidisciplinary, integrative (molecular biology, cellular biology, electrophysiology, preclinical animal studies and modeling), and clinical (metabolic imaging, cardiology, endocrinology, and clinical research).

This makes it possible to develop new therapeutic approaches, thereby leading to effective clinical interventions to better organize the health care provided to patients.


Axis Director | André Carpentier M. D.

Axis Coordinator | Ouhida Benrezzak

    Research Themes

    • Understanding the determinants of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, and dyslipidemias) and study the impact of their early biomarkers and mechanisms.

    • Studying metabolic disorders associated with reproduction and pregnancy in order to identify and prevent their repercussions on maternal and fetal health
    • Developing strategies for preventing, treating, and organizing health-care for individuals with chronic cardiometabolic diseases