Nicolas Beaudet, Ph. D.

Inflammation-Pain Axis
Centre de recherche du CHUS

R&D on pain and healthcare trajectories

Adjunct professor
Department of anesthesiology
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Université de Sherbrooke

Associate director 
Quebec Pain Research Network

Contact Information
Phone | 819 346-1110 ext. 70530
E-Mail |


Research relevance

After several years as scientific manager of preclinical and translational research (R & D analgesic and genetic therapies, in vivo behavior and animal models), Dr. Beaudet now specializes in the trajectories of care related to chronic pain. He focuses on optimizing the patient healthcare continuum, on integrating research innovations, and in evaluating data systems for a better data transfer between the clinic and the research. Since 2014, he acts as the Associate Director of the Quebec Pain Research Network - a network of the Quebec Research Health Fund - promoting interaction between more than 100 researchers and clinicians at McGill, ULaval, UdeM, UdeS, UQ and their affiliated research centers. His roles are to align preclinical and clinical research poles, create strategic alliances with government agencies and industry to position Quebec's pain research on at the international level.


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Representative Achievements


Know-how and Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Promotion of research and health care
  • Evaluation of healthcare technologies and trajectories
  • Scientific management
  • Knowledge translation to decision-makers and researchers


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