M'hamed Bentourkia, Ph. D.

M'hamed Bentourkia

Medical Imaging Axis
Centre de recherche du CHUS

Full Professor
Department of nuclear medicine and radiobiology
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Université de Sherbrooke

Contact Information
Phone | 819 346-1110 ext. 11863

E-Mail | MHamed.Bentourkia@USherbrooke.ca

Research Relevance

Medical imaging and effect of radiations

The main research interests of Doctor Bentourkia are in the field of Positron emission tomography imaging. Actual domains of research are: image reconstruction, image corrections, image filtering and enhancement, pharmacokinetic modeling, Monte Carlo simulations and software development for image analysis.

Other works involving imaging are in the domains of neurology, cardiology and cancer.

Doctor Bentourkia is also interested in the simulation of dose deposition in tissues and effect of radiations in tissues.


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Representative Achievements


  • Nonstationary scatter subtraction-restoration in high-resolution PET. M'hamed Bentourkia, P. Msaki, J. Cadorette and R. Lecomte, J Nucl Med, 37:2040-2046, 1996. Work reported in the MOSBY-YEAR BOOK of Nuclear Medicine 1998
  • Kinetic modeling of PET data without blood sampling. M'hamed Bentourkia. IEEE Trans Nucl Sci. 52(3) :697-702, 2005
  • Simultaneous attenuation and scatter corrections in small animal PET imaging. M. Bentourkia and O. Sarrhini. Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 33:477-488, 2009
  • Member of the scientific committee of the FRQ-S Research Scholar-Clinical & Epidemiological 2010-2012. Member of the scientific committee of CIHR Research Fellowships 2010-2013.  External reviewer of grant applications for CIHR, NSERC and FRQ-S
  • Member of Nuclear Medical and Imaging Sciences Council (NMISC), IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference (IEEE NSS-MIC) 2007-2009
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics (2006-….), and International Journal of Biomedical Imaging (2010-2011).  Manuscript evaluation for J of Nucl Med, IEEE Trans Nucl Sci, IEEE Trans Med Imag, Med Imag Conf, Med Physics, NeuroImage, J of Applied Physiology; Comp Methods Programs in Biomed, Comp Medical Imag Graph, Neuroimaging, Neuroscience, Kluwer Academic / Plenum Publishers


  • Pratt & Whitney Award 2006 ($ 5000). Conference highlights: SNM 1998, 1999. 2000, 2004; SNIDD: 1999 AAPM: 2002 Photodynamics: 2002. Editorials: JNM: 1995, 1996, 2003, 2006, Mosby Year Book: 1998. Travel Award: 1994, 1996, 2005, 2006
  • Program Director of Radiation Sciences and Biomedical Imaging, Université de Sherbrooke from 2003 to 2011
  • Member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of Pharmacology, Université de Sherbrooke


Know-How & Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Medical imaging
  • Radiation physics
  • Mathematical modeling


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