Mother and child axis | tandem mass spectrometryThe main objective of the work carried out by this axis is to improve mother and child health, from conception to adolescence. Maternofetal health, neonatal respiration, promotion of vaccination and breast-feeding, and screening for hereditary diseases and inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system are a few of the group’s research topics.

The axis’ work also includes highly active clinical research into a variety of topics in pediatrics and obstetrics, often pursued as research mentoring for residents.


Axis Director | Jean-Paul Praud M. D.

Axis Coordinator | Jennifer Saint-Laurent

Research Themes

  • Maternal and child health, including premature birth and the role of infections

  • Infant and child respiration, including respiratory management related to inflammation, neonatal infections, and sleep-disordered breathing in children

  • Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system

  • Public-health studies such as research on child accident prevention and vaccination promotion

  • New methods to screen for hereditary diseases; knowledge about several rare and orphan diseases

  • The influence of environmental toxicology on perinatal health as well as fetal and child development

  • Training of pediatric and obstetric residents in clinical research, which constitutes a unique model in Quebec




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