Health: Populations, Organization, Practices

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Assessment of clinical practicesThis multidisciplinary, transversal axis investigates several health areas such as infectious diseases, chronic diseases and pain, and mental health.

It brings together diversified research initiatives focused on the same interests:

  • Innovative practices
  • Improving the health-care system
  • Patient health and well-being

The axis brings together many researchers who use or conduct secondary analyses of existing data such as clinical, administrative, and socioeconomic databases.

It also aims at promoting the use of databases for health research by facilitating access to CIRESSS, which is the CHUS hospital database.


Axis Director  | Pasquale Roberge, Ph. D.

Axis Coordinator | Charaf Ahnadi


Research Themes

  • Assessment of practices

  • Development, implementation and assessment of health-care service models

  • Measurement of the determinants of patient health status

  • Study of health-related social and geographic inequalities

  • Ethical reflection on biomedical research and nanotechnology


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