Mathieu Roy, Ph. D.

Health: Populations, Organization, Practices Axis
Centre de recherche du CHUS

Scientific advisor of assistant general directors | CIUSSS de l’Estrie - CHUS

Adjunct professor
Department of Family medicine and emergency medicine
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Université de Sherbrooke

Contact Information
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819 780-2220 ext. 45731 
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Research relevance

Health promotion and knowledge transfer to decision makers

Researcher Roy is pursuing research, evaluation and knowledge transfer activities in the field of health and social services. He is particularly interested in public health and health promotion issues. Positive approaches in the field of health and the promotion of health assets (i.e. resilience, social participation, positive mental health, salutogenesis, quality of life) are his main areas of interest. Researcher Roy operates this niche in the general population, but also the context of disasters (i.e. Tragedy of Lac-Mégantic) where psychosocial recovery becomes fundamental. Researcher Roy is the scientific advisor of assistant general directors at the CIUSSS Estrie - CHUS. Its mandate is to collect, analyze, synthesize, and weigh the evidence from various bodies of knowledge (i.e. scientific article, gray literature, experiential data from stakeholder or citizen consultation) to produce useful recommendations to decision makers of CIUSSS Estrie - CHUS. 

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Representative Achievements

  • Research grants totalizing more than $ 2.7 million since 2014 (as principal investigator, co-principal investigator or co-researcher)

  • More than 20 scientific articles, research reports or evaluation, book chapters (or book) since 2010 including:
    • Généreux, M., Petit, G., Maltais, D., Roy, M., Simard, R., Boivin, S., Shultz, J.M., & Pinsonneault, L. (2015). The public health response during and after the Lac-Mégantic train derailment tragedy: A case study. Disaster Health, 2, 1-8.
    • Roy, M., Shatenstein, B., Gaudreau, P., Morais, J.A., & Payette, H. (2015). Seniors’ body weight dissatisfaction and longitudinal associations  with weight changes, anorexia of aging, and obesity: Results from the NuAge Study. Journal of Aging and Health, 27, 220-238.
    • Roy, M., Levasseur, M., Couturier, Y., Lindström, B., & Généreux, M. (2015). The relevance of positive approaches to health for patient-centered care medicine. Preventive Medicine Reports, 2, 10-12.   
    • Roy, M., Généreux, M., Laverdière, E., & Vanasse, A. (2014). Surveillance of social and geographic inequalities in housing-related issues: The case of the Eastern Townships, Quebec (Canada). International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 11, 4825-4844.
    • Roy, M., & O’Neill, M. (2012). La salutogénèse: Petit guide pour promouvoir la santé. Québec: Les Presses de l’Université Laval. 109 p. ISBN 978-2-7637-9683-3.
    • Roy, M., Morin, P., Douziech, N., Tremblay-Langlois, E., Aubry, F., Montpetit, C., Lacasse, F., & Pinsonneault, L. (2015). Optimisation du fonctionnement du guichet d’accès en santé mentale pour la clientèle adulte au CSSS-IUGS: Synthèse des données probantes et recommandations finales. Rapport d’ETMI livré à la Direction des services aux adultes du CSSS-IUGS par l’UETMISSS du CSSS-IUGS.


Know-How & Opportunities for Collaboration

  • Health promotion
  • Health and social sciences technology and interventions assessment
  • Mix methods research
  • Transfer of knowledge to decision makers


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