Conférence CRCHUS | Immunity, Metabolism, and Energetics


Ajay Chawla, M.D., Ph.D.

Cardiovascular Research Institute, Departments of Physiology and Medicine,

University of California San Francisco, CA, USA

Catégorie | Conférence CRCHUS

Conférencier | Ajay Chawla, M.D., Ph.D.

Axe | Cancer: biologie, pronostic et diagnostic

Date | Mardi 3 avril 2018 à 12 h

Lieu | local 2999



Unlike other metazoans, placental mammals face a major hurdle during their development: the rapid transition from the intrauterine environment of the mother to the extrauterine environment in which they will spend the remainder of their lives. This brief perinatal period (from late embryogenesis to early postnatal life) is the critical time window during which many mammalian organs, such as liver, lungs, and brown adipose tissue, undergo essential maturation necessary for adaptation to postnatal life. Despite its importance, how placental mammals regulate the perinatal maturation of their organs to prepare for the challenges of postnatal life has remained poorly understood.

Using brown adipose tissue as model system, we have uncovered that licensing of postnatal functions in placental organs is signal-dependent and independent of tissue differentiation programs. We discovered that that the ‘alarmin’ IL-33, a nuclear cytokine that activates type 2 immune responses, licenses brown and beige adipocytes for uncoupled respiration. These and other findings will be presented at the meeting.

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