Conférence CRCHUS | Doing more and eating more to mitigate sarcopenia: exercise and protein


Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D. FCAHS, FACSM, FACN

Tier 1 Canada Research Chair – Skeletal Muscle Health

Full professor, Department of Kinesiology

Director, Physical Activity Centre for Excellence (PACE)

McMaster University

Catégorie | Conférence CRCHUS

Conférencier | Stuart M. Phillips, Ph.D. FCAHS, FACSM, FACN

Axe | Diabète, obésité et complications cardiovasculaires

Date | Mardi 1er mai 2018 à 12 h

Lieu | local 2999

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Conférence en anglais seulement

Sarcopenia is an insipid age-related disease from which we will all suffer. Sarcopenia is the biological substrate of frailty, a risk factor for falls and disability, and a risk for premature mortality. Mitigation of sarcopenia is, at least to date, not possible through any pharmacologic means that has a low enough off-target profile. However, increased engagement in muscle strengthening exercise and consumption of greater amounts of higher (than currently recommended) quality dietary protein are effective in alleviating the effects of sarcopenia. A key amino acid in the process of stimulation of muscle protein turnover is leucine and it is now becoming apparent that this single amino acid can substitute for protein in a number of circumstances. Evidence examining protein, and leucine, requirements as well as exercise guidelines for older people will be reviewed. Strategies to combat sarcopenia involving these two interventions will be discussed.

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