Conférence CRCHUS | The Journey to Child Health and Happiness: Parent Engagement in Children’s Therapy Services


Michelle Phoenix, Ph. D.

Speech-Language Pathologist, Reg. CASLPO

Postdoctoral Fellow at Bloorview Research Institute and CanChild

Catégorie | Conférence CRCHUS

Conférencier | Michelle Phoenix, Ph. D.

Axe | Mère-Enfant

Date | Mardi 20 février 2018 à 12 h

Lieu | local 2999

Disponible en visioconférence. Pour information:


Conférence en anglais seulement

Michelle completed her PhD in Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University with CanChild in 2017. She studied parents’ attendance, participation and engagement in children’s rehabilitation services. There were 20 parents involved in her qualitative grounded theory study, recruited from KidsAbility a children’s treatment centre in Ontario where Michelle was employed clinically. Parent and clinician interviews, policy collection and review of the children’s health records led to the identification of the family, health and service complexity that impacts engagement, the main components of engagement, and the child, parent, service provider and organizational factors that can promote or limit engagement. These findings will be described metaphorically as a ‘journey to child health and happiness’. She will share recommendations for service providers, organizational leadership and policy makers based on this work. Other areas of interest for Michelle include: parent mental health, family-centred service, ethics, and policy with respect to service provision for so called ‘hard-to-reach’ families.

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