Conférence : Exploring cell turnover and metabolism with imaging mass spectrometry: insights into adipose tissue plasticity and beyond

mardi 02 avril 2019 | Activités

Organisée en collaboration avec l’axe Diabète, obésité et complications cardiovasculaires

Conférencier : Matthew Steinhauser, M.D. 

Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA
Director, Brigham and Women’s Hospital Center for Nanolmaging


2 avril 2019, 12 h


local 2999

Résumé | The lecture will introduce a methodology that we call multi-isotope imaging mass spectrometry (MIMS). MIMS merges stable isotope tracers with high-resolution ion microscopy (NanoSIMS), providing functional metabolic information at the level of single cells and organelles. Various applications of MIMS to cell biological studies will be shown as proof-of-concept, including studies conducted in model organisms and our human translational experience. I will utilize our laboratory’s in-depth work in adipose tissue biology and diabetes to demonstrate the power of MIMS to discover novel biology and generate new hypotheses, including how we have elucidated an age-dependent decline in adipose tissue plasticity as a determinant of systemic insulin resistance and diabetes.

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